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All images copyright Brandon Wells. All rights reserved. 

My name is Brandon wells, and I am a creator.

I spend my days visualizing and executing through many different mediums, whether I’m working solo or collaborating with a team. Throughout my journey thus far, I’ve had the privilege to work with some extraordinary people and create some incredible pieces of art.

Simultaneously, I’ve spent many years of my life training on the same gym floor alongside many of athletes I work with. The relevance of being immersed in each lifestyle — both photo and fitness —  has allowed me to create a more pleasant experience on set and a more relatable end product for the client.

I take pride in using my talents to assist people and brands in surpassing their expectations. Some of my efforts have resulted in the growth of social media followings beyond 600k followers and others helped in the acquisition of start-up funding of over $15 million.

I am currently based in Austin, TX, but travel regularly and am available for assignments worldwide.